Online Craps Cheating

As with any casino game, the high amount of money changing hands in craps makes it tempting for players to cheat. Cheating at craps in any way is both against the casino's rules and illegal. Players have tried many strategies over the years, but casinos are wise to these tricks and cheaters do get caught.

Cheating with Dice

Cheating at craps typically involves altering the dice in some manner. Weighted dice are an age old trick for influencing the throw, but casinos effectively thwart this by using transparent dice. Another way to influence the way dice land is by altering the face or corners so the dice rolls differently. Casino dice are designed with sharp corners on all sides, so dice that are altered in this way would stand out as well. The fatal flaw of any altered dice is that significant success can only be achieved statistically over a long period of time, and dice are changed too frequently on a craps table to make this ploy worth the risk.

Past Posting

Past posting is a method of cheating at craps that does not involve the dice. With past posting, players attempt to slip their chips onto the winning bet after the dice have landed. Though this trick might work when the dealer isn't looking, it's nearly impossible to pull off without the casino's myriad security cameras seeing it.

In the end, cheating at craps is a futile effort that puts the player at serious risk. With all casino games, from craps to slots, it is always best to follow the rules of play, kiss your lucky charm and hope for the best without attempting to illegally influence the outcome.